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Allotment Gallery

On the 2nd October we held our second apple pressing day. We collected about 20 barrowloads of apples and produced a vast quantity of fabulous apple juice.  There was a lot of work preparing, crushing and pressing the apples but fortunately we had lots of...
Our members also joined in the Council’s scarecrow competiton and we had four scarecrows entered. We decided, in order to encourage our members, to issue our own prizes in addition to the Council’s prize.
We held a new event this year, an apple pressing day, held on Sunday, 10th October. There are many apple trees on the allotments and, sadly, a lot of the apples go to waste each year. This year we organised the apple pressing day, when...
Lots of photos from the early days of the allotments. If you have any more that you'd be willing to share with  us to add to the collection, they would be gratefully received.