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Allotment Forms

If you want to contact NRPG, please use the contact form below. All messages are sent to the chairman.

You can also apply online to rent a plot at North Road allotments using the application form below.

If you are already a plot holder, then you can also apply for a shed, greenhouse or pond online using the permission form below.

North Road Allotments are managed by North Road Plotholders Group on behalf of Hertford Town Council. The supplied details will be retained for billing and management purposes and will not be divulged to any organisation other than Hertford Town Council in certain circumstances.

Apply to rent an Allotment Plot

Concessionary rents are given to tenants over the age of 60 and those in receipt of unemployment or disability benefits. If either of these apply, please provide your date of birth or benefit details in the additional information section.

If there are currently no plots available, your details will be held on a waiting list unless you specify otherwise.

    Permission Form

    Tenants may apply to erect one shed and one greenhouse on every Plot larger than 5 poles. Tenants occupying a Plot less than 5 poles will only be granted permission for both a shed and greenhouse at the discretion of the committee.

    The maximum size usually permitted is as follows:

    sheds – 4ft by 6ft

    greenhouses – 8ft by 6ft

    Sheds and greenhouses must not be built with permanent foundations.

    No building or other structure must be erected on an Allotment Plot until the proposal is agreed and written permission is obtained from the committee.

    Tenants are advised not to store valuable equipment in their sheds or structures and must not store petrol, oil, lubricants or other inflammable materials therein.

    A pond may be permitted on an Allotment Plot with the prior written consent of the committee to a maximum size of 36” x 24”, for frogs and newts for environmental purposes only. The pond must not be used for the keeping of fish. The pond must be netted, and other safety precautions implemented to prevent children falling in.

    Please see the Allotment Rules for more information.

      What are you applying for?

      Means of installation:

      Contact Us

      Please use this form to send messages to North Road Plot-holders Group. Messages are sent to the chairman.