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Allotment Shop Price List

The shop is open 10.30-12 noon on each Sunday 1st February – 31st October, and on request when a committee member is on-site. It sells a variety of common horticultural items to members and non-members at cost-price, which is usually considerably cheaper than garden centre prices. If you can think of additional items you’d like us to stock, let a committee member know.

Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

SHARP SAND – we currently have a supply of sharp sand available, £1 per bucketful (bucket not included!)


$ 90p per kg

Lovely ground bones - makes things grow, particularly root vegetables and flowers. NPK: 3-15-0. High in Phosphorus.

Blood, Fish & Bone

$ £1.25 per kg

Organic general purpose slow-release fertiliser. NPK: 5-5-6. Apply at 70g per sq M.

Chicken pellets

$ £1.00 per kg

Made from Chicken manure. Helps stuff grow and great for the soil.


$ £1.00 per kg

Inorganic fertiliser developed as part of the ``Dig for Victory`` campaign in WW2. High Nitrogen feed.


$ 75p per kg

It's an alkali, used to make soil less acid. Traditionalists use it the year after using manure.

Maxicrop Liquid Feed

$ £6.00 per litre

Seaweed-based general purpose fertiliser

Tomato feed

$ £2.50 per litre

Magic Grow Tomato Feed. NPK:12-8-10. Use at 4-8ml per 1l water.

Compost Accelerator

$ 80p per Kg

Made from natural and organic materials. Improves the quality and readiness of your home produced compost. High nitrogen content.

Plant Labels

$ £1.25 for 50

White Plastic

Slug Pellets

$ £5.20

Contains Ferric Phosphate, suitable for organic gardening

Coco Coir

$ £6.60

Compressed dehydrated bale of Coir compost. Just add water to make 75 litres of compost, suitable for seed sowing, potting on, planters, etc.

3ft Canes

$ £1.50 for 10

8ft Canes

$ £6 for 10

Just what you need for Climbing French Beans, and cheap enough to use new every year.

Pea canes

$ £1 for 10

Not as pretty as twigs, but just as effective.


$ 35p per metre

2m wide. Keeps the frost off things, sometimes you need two layers.

Ground Cover

$ £1 per metre

2m wide. Not biodegradeable, but then it wouldn't do its job properly.

Ground cover staples

$ £1.25 for 10

A lot easier to find than bricks.

Netting – Bird (width 2m)

$ 55p per metre

Ideal for strawberries, etc.

Netting – Bird (Width 6m)

$ £1.50 per metre

Ideal for fruit cages, etc.

Netting – Butterfly (Width 2m)

$ £1.30 per metre

Ideal for brassicas, etc. Mesh 5-7mm.

Netting – Butterfly (Width 4m)

$ £3 per metre

Ideal for brassicas, etc. Mesh 5-7mm.


$ £2.20

Jute twine, 100gm spool.